The six safety features



The original packaging is a rich dark blue.



A a packaging for every brand: With either the logo of Kolbenschmidt, Pierburg, TRW Engine Components or BF.


Label as a closure seal

The label must always be free from damage. On smaller packages, the label should be stuck over the edge of the opening flap. On larger packages, the label is stuck over a single surface and a security seal is stuck over the edge.


SCRIBOS PrioSpot® − forgery-proof label

The individually coded SCRIBOS PrioSpot® gives every product a unique identity. Visible and hidden safety features are written in the label on up to seven different levels. A QR code is also printed on to enable authentication checks to be carried out quickly on the product.


The Motorservice MicroCode

The microcode replicates the security code and can be read out with a magnifying glass.


Authentication check

Simply scan in the QR code with a smartphone and a green light appears on the display if the product is genuine, or a red light appears if the product is a forgery. The 2D matrix code can also be entered manually on the checking screen.
To the online check

TRW EngineComponents is the name and mark of TRW Intellectual Property Corp.