How do I use a mini-ammeter?

Pierburg | Motorservice

What is a mini-ammeter? How do you use a mini-ammeter? What can you test if the car battery is always flat? How do you identify hidden power consumers in a vehicle? How can you measure the power consumption of electric components in vehicles quickly and safely? Find out here.

If the car battery repeatedly becomes flat, this may indicate increased power consumption by a component.  Using a mini-ammeter, power consumption can be measured simply and quickly for an initial check, directly on the relevant fuse in the vehicle’s fuse box.

Here, remove the fuse from the holder and insert it into the mini-ammeter’s plug. Next, insert the mini-ammeter into the fuse’s original place. The closed-circuit current, i.e. the current when the ignition is on or the engine is running, can be determined safely and reliably with the mini-ammeter.