Precision and weight for smooth engine running

Motorservice sells flywheels made from high-value grey cast iron or steel under the BF brand. These precision parts efficiently reduce uneven running and vibration in the engine. This ensures that wear on the gear train is kept to a minimum.


Single mass flywheels

Single mass flywheels are manufactured from grey cast iron or steel and frictionally connect the crankshaft with the drive train via the clutch. By storing kinetic energy, flywheels compensate for uneven running and vibrations which occur during engine operation.


Dual mass flywheels

The flywheel mass is divided into a primary and a secondary mass. Both flywheel masses are connected by means of torsion damping springs. Dual mass flywheels are characterised by very good vibration damping in all respects.


Starter ring gears

The ring gear transfers the force of the starter to the crankshaft via the flywheel. This initiates the start procedure for the engine. 

On older engine types, the ring gear also has the task of communicating the TDC position to the engine control via the TDC sender. The TDC position is also used to adjust the control times. 

Motorservice offers separate starter rings as replacements.


Motorservice offers flywheels for over 1,000 different engine applications.

Further information

1 Engine side
2 Ring gear (starter motor)
3 Clutch side
4 Mounting flange