Air supply

For increased efficiency and more driving enjoyment

Throttle valves, intake manifolds and drive modules for controlling the optimal air quantity – due to their sophisticated quality, these products guarantee optimal performance, driving comfort and the correct torque, with the lowest possible fuel consumption.


Throttle valve

In petrol engines, the throttle valve controls the quantity of air fed to the engine. The position of the throttle valve determines the performance of the engine.

Pierburg's (the European market leader) extensive product range of throttle valves extends from mechanical to fully electronic “drive-by-wire” E-Gas valves. Motorservice also offers attachments, such as throttle potentiometers and idle controllers, as replacements in its product range.


Regulating throttle

The regulating throttle on a diesel engine creates a vacuum in the intake air system. This vacuum is required to increase and control the exhaust gas recirculation rate. It is additionally an essential component for regenerating the diesel particulate filter.

Pierburg regulating throttles cannot be replaced by regulating throttles from other suppliers.


Air mass sensors

Air mass sensors record the air massflowing into the engine. Its signal is used to calculate the injected fuel quantity, and in diesel engines also for regulating the exhaust gas recirculation.

Motorservice offers Pierburg air mass sensors with a flow pipe or as a separate plug-in probe.


Intake manifold

Their original task was to distribute the air-fuel mixture amongst the individual cylinders. However, intake manifolds have been continuously developed since then and nowadays are crucial for increasing performance and efficiency while reducing pollutants and fuel consumption.

Pierburg has a 90 % market share in Europe for aluminium or magnesium intake manifolds.


Pressure sensor

Pressure sensors supply important input parameters for the engine control system. The commonly used abbreviation “MAP sensors” is derived from “manifold absolute pressure”.

With around 60 OE references, these sensors cater for almost 700 applications in Audi, VW, Škoda, Seat, Opel, Vauxhall, Fiat and PSA.


Electric drive modules

Electric drive modules are used whenever fast, precise adjustment of passages or angles is required. A typical application is adjusting flaps on an intake manifold.