Filter (Mechatronics)

Keep dirt at bay

Engine filters protect the engine against impurities in the oil, air and fuel. High-quality filters are essential for ensuring long durability and for minimising wear on engine parts.


Air filters

The optimised particulate separation efficiency of the air filter minimises the wear on pistons, piston rings and the running surface of cylinder liners. The air filter, adapted to the engine characteristics and installation space, effectively suppresses disruptive intake noises.


Cabin filters

Cabin filters prevent foreign particles such as dust, pollen, spores and soot from entering the passenger compartment via the ventilation system. Cabin filters with activated carbon are not only fine filters for solid particles, they also absorb unpleasant odours, harmful gases, such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, ozone and hydrocarbons, and prevent them from entering the passenger compartment at a rate of 95 %.


Fuel filters

Even minor impurities in the fuel system can lead to severe malfunctions. Modern injection systems, in particular, require an extremely clean, pulsation-free and homogeneous fuel supply.


Oil filters

Foreign bodies that get into the engine via the fuel or intake air and metal abrasion that arises in the engine are filtered out of the oil circuit and retained by the oil filter.


Coolant filters

Coolant filters protect the engine cooling system by filtering out impurities. The additives in the filter are also released into the cooling system at a controlled rate.


Urea filters

In modern exhaust treatment systems with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) catalytic converters, urea filters filter the urea solution, thereby protecting system components against wear.