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Our sensors in OE quality have proven themselves millions of times over across the globe. They are indispensable components, and several of them can often be found installed in one vehicle. That is why we keep on expanding our product range.

Product portfolio

We provide a comprehensive product portfolio covering a wide range of engines – some examples of our top sellers in the aftermarket are listed below.


Exhaust gas temperature sensors

Exhaust gas temperature sensors monitor the hot exhaust gas flow and protect components from overheating.

Typical applications include protecting components which are sensitive to temperature, such as turbochargers and all forms of catalytic converters, monitoring the free-burning process of the diesel particulate filter, controlling the optimal temperature range for catalytic converters and measuring the EGR exhaust gas temperature as part of on-board diagnostics (OBD). In the event of critical overheating, the control unit responds by taking appropriate action to reduce the temperature, e.g. through reduced performance (limp home function).

Motorservice offers more than 200 exhaust gas temperature sensors covering more than 140 million vehicles.

Item no. OE ref. no. Manufacturer Vehicle examples
7.08369.01.0    03L 906 088 J VAG Group Golf VI, Passat B6, Jetta IV, A3, Octavia II
7.08369.04.0 03L 906 088 CC VAG Group Golf VI, Tiguan, Jetta IV, A3, Octavia II
7.08369.24.0 03L 906 088 HG VAG Group Transporter V, Transporter VI
7.08369.00.0 03L 906 088 BS VAG Group Golf V, Touran, Tiguan, A3, Octavia II
7.08369.87.0 A 007 153 96 28 Mercedes-Benz M-Class, Vito / V-Class

Exhaust gas pressure sensors

In addition to lambda sensors and exhaust gas temperature sensors, exhaust gas pressure sensors are the third type of exhaust gas sensors available from Pierburg.

This group includes the following types of sensor:

  • Differential pressure sensors are mainly used to determine how soiled the particulate filter is. They can also be used to detect whether e.g. an air filter or an EGR cooler is clogged or blocked.
  • Exhaust back pressure sensors protect the engine and turbocharger against excess pressure.

Motorservice’s current range of exhaust gas pressure sensors and differential pressure sensors covers roughly 120 million vehicles worldwide.


Item no. OE ref. no. Manufacturer Vehicle examples
7.12061.00.0 82 00 974 421, 22365-00QAK Renault, Nissan Clio IV, Scenic III, Kangoo, Qashqai II, Juke
7.12061.02.0 22 36 509 01R, 22760-00Q0C Renault, Nissan, Dacia Clio IV, Sandero II, Kangoo, Qashqai II, Juke
7.12061.01.0 A 000 905 30 03, A 000 905 27 06 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, E-Class, GLC, Sprinter
7.12061.03.0 A 009 153 51 28 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, E-Class, Sprinter
7.12061.05.0 A 004 153 98 28, A 009 153 50 28, A 007 153 43 28 Mercedes-Benz A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class

Differential pressure sensors

Item no. OE ref. no. Manufacturer Vehicle examples
7.11190.08.0 22 77 014 54R, 22771-JG70A, A 607 905 05 00 Renault, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz Clio IV, Captur, Juke, X-Trail, A-Class
7.11492.07.0 22 77 011 77R, 20 81 565 51R, 20827-00Q0L     Renault, Nissan, Dacia Clio IV, Sandero II, Kangoo, Qashqai II, Juke
7.11190.10.0 1 415 606, 30750460     Ford, Volvo Focus II, Mondeo III, Kuga I, V50, XC90
7.11492.01.0 1618 Z9 Stellantis Group 207, 208 (I), 3008, C3 II, C4, 407, Partner
7.11190.04.0 51792301, 93187247 Stellantis Group Firoino, 500, Corsa D, Zafira B, Meriva A, Mokka

Fuel pressure sensors

Also referred to as fuel rail pressure sensors, these components supplement Pierburg’s existing range of fuel supply and sensor products.

In many cases, the rail can only be purchased as a complete unit along with all the attachments. However, Motorservice offers the pressure sensor separately as a spare part.

The item numbers that are currently available are compatible with a huge number of vehicles globally – over 50 million. The range is continually being expanded.

Item no. OE ref. no. Manufacturer Vehicle examples
7.11225.00.0 1920.GW Stellantis Group Berlingo, Jumpy, C3, Scudo, 1007, 206, 307, Bipper, Aygo
7.11225.01.0 98 137 355 80 Stellantis Group DS3, Scudo, 3008, 5008, Traveller, ProAce
7.11225.11.0 98 143 838 80     Stellantis Group Jumper, Spacetourer, C4, Scudo, Grandland, Vivaro, 3008, Boxter, Expert, Traveller
7.11225.02.0 82 00 584 034, 1 334 946, 15730-84A51 Renault, Nissan, Ford, Suzuki, Dacia Logan, Mondeo, Almera, Micra, Clio, Kangoo, Thalia, Megane, Jimny
7.11225.04.0 03L 906 054 A     VAG Group A4, A6, Q3, Q5, Alhambra, Caddy, Crafter, T6

Lambda sensors

Lambda sensors measure the residual oxygen in the exhaust gas. This produces a lambda value, which the engine management system uses to regulate the mixture composition for the most optimal combustion possible.

Lambda sensors are the most important element in engine management systems in terms of ensuring perfect engine running with low emissions.

High operating temperatures and aggressive exhaust gas place high demands on lambda sensors. You should therefore choose products from the specialist for emission control.

Offering over 130 different lambda sensors, Motorservice covers the needs of more than 200 million vehicles worldwide.

Item no. OE ref. no. Manufacturer Vehicle examples
7.05271.62.0 55353811, 55353812 Opel, Vauxhall Zafira B, Astra H, Omega B, Vectra C
7.05271.74.0 1618 V3 Stellantis Group, Mini 207, 308 (I), Cooper (R56)
7.02604.99.0 55182912, 39350 4A410, A 004 542 69 18 Stellantis Group, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz Ducato, Sportage III, i20, ix35, A-Class, B-Class
7.05271.85.0 1K0 998 262 AD, 1K0 998 262 K, 1K0 998 262 L VAG Group     Golf V, Touran, Tiguan, A3, Octavia II
7.05271.05.0 036 906 262 D, 03D 906 265 C VAG Group A2-A4, Polo, Passat B5, Ibiza III

Air mass sensors

Air mass sensors have been used in almost every vehicle for the last decade, and have become one of the most important components in engine management. They are therefore a key component in the air supply system and for emission control.

The air mass sensor records the air mass flowing into the engine. Its signal is used to calculate the injected fuel quantity, and in diesel engines also for regulating the exhaust gas recirculation.

Motorservice offers Pierburg air mass sensors with a flow pipe or as a separate plug-in probe, suitable for over 1,500 applications.

Item no. OE ref. no. Manufacturer Vehicle examples
7.22184.25.0    7M51 12B579 BB, C2Z18798, LR029074, 31251735     Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo C-Max, Focus, XF, XJ, Range Rover, C30, V50
7.07759.42.0 93856812, 82 00 280 060, 22680-JD50A, 13800-84A50     Opel, Renault, Nissan, Suzuki     Movano, Vivaro, Master, Trafic, Interstar, Primastar, Jimny
7.07759.48.0 93863896, 82 00 651 315, 22680-00QAD, A 607 094 00 48     Opel, Dacia, Renault, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz    Vivaro, Duster, Kangoo, Trafic, Primastar, Citan
7.28342.07.0 1929 LC, 9647570080, 023002144151A     Citroёn, Suzuki     C3, Liana
7.07759.46.0 03L 906 461     VAG Group     A1, A3, Altea, Leon, Fabia, Roomster, Beetle, Caddy

Air pressure sensors    

Air pressure sensors supply important input parameters for the engine control system. The commonly used abbreviation “MAP sensors” stands for “manifold absolute pressure”.

With around 60 OE references, these air pressure sensors cater for almost 700 applications in Audi, VW, Škoda, Seat, Opel, Vauxhall, Fiat and PSA vehicles.

This corresponds to more than 90 million vehicles worldwide.

Item no. OE ref. no. Manufacturer Vehicle examples
7.18222.27.0 55219298, 93171176     Fiat, Opel, Saab 159, Giulietta, 500, Doblo, Musa, Ypsilon, Astra, Insignia, 9-3,
7.18222.26.0 04E 906 051, 3M21-9E928-AA, K05149001AA, MN191138, 955 606 180 10     VAG Group, Ford, Dodge, Mitsubishi     A1, A5, Altea, Exeo, Superb, Yeti, Amarok, Arteon, Galaxy, Journey, Grandis, Outlander, Cayenne, Macan

The reference numbers given are for comparison purposes only.
All content including pictures and diagrams is subject to change. For assignment and replacement, refer to the current catalogues or systems based on TecAlliance.

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