Purchasing and planning

Reliable supplier management is of decisive importance to the Motorservice Group.

Our understanding of supplier management includes three main processes:
Supplier selection, supplier development and supplier integration.

Our supplier management is based on the implementation of sound material group management. A lead buyer is appointed for all material groups. The central purchasing department in Neuenstadt, together with their decentral procurement teams, are the main links connecting our competition- oriented procurement policy.

We search for suppliers who are able to offer competitive prices on world market levels and
  •     Have a quality system based on DIN ISO 9001 at the very least.
  •     React to our demands in a flexible and timely way.
  •     Provide technical support and advice.
  •     Have a high level of technical know-how and can guarantee the use of modern production methods.
  •     Achieve annual rationalization effects as regards material and delivery costs.
  •     Assure supplies to the Motorservice Group at identical conditions all over the world.
  •     Ensure the handling of small and medium-sized production batches.
  •     Can guarantee flexibility in their response to fluctuations in the demands of the market.

We offer you lasting co-operation on a professional level, including forward-thinking and long-term requirements planning.
As a specialist in trading with engine parts, with OE group affiliation and comprehensive core competence within the Rheinmetall Group, we ensure growth, both for us as a solvent customer and for our business partners.

Are you interested in establishing a business relationship with the Motorservice Group?

"We consider ourselves not only greatly committed to our staff and our customers, but also to our suppliers."

Senior Manager Purchasing & Material Planning