Environmental Protection

We think long-term. And you?

Rheinmetall AG is aware of its responsibility towards people and the environment. Based on this corporate commitment to sustainable, environmentally conscious behaviour, we have developed basic environmental principles for the Group.

The objective defined therein to steadily reduce the operational environmental impact – even exceeding legal minimum requirements – is fully complied with. Environmentally relevant factors are considered here across the entire value-added chain, particularly for the development of products and for the production processes.

To safeguard the environmental objectives, environmental management systems were implemented in the national and international production companies as well as at MS Motorservice International, and certified according to the internationally recognised environmental standard ISO 14001. Following training and information, the company's entire workforce has developed a very positive environmental awareness.

The environmental principles:

  • Environmental responsibility as corporate guiding principle
  • Continuous reduction of the operational environmental impact
  • Resource- and energy-saving products and production
  • Introduction and upkeep of environmental management systems
  • Promotion of employee's environmental awareness
  • Development of emergency preparedness and measures
  • Openness towards a public dialog

Contribution of the Kolbenschmidt and Pierburg products for protecting our environment

Numerous products in our product range are important components of state-of-the-art environmental technologies like for example:

  • Emission control by using a secondary air pump, AGR valves, pneumatic and electrical valves
  • Weight reduction for pistons with LiteKS®
  • New shapes of piston crowns for achieving the EURO 5 / EURO 6

A propos environmental protection…

When constructing the new logistics centre and the head office in Neuenstadt, MS Motorservice International paid particular attention to environmental sustainability and protection. This is demonstrated by

  • Upgraded insulation
  • Energy-saving lighting
  • Rainwater cistern
  • Separation of waste water and roof surface water and discharge to separate drains
  • Exclusive usage of geothermal energy in office buildings