Original Equipment Services (OES)

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This is how we define Original Equipment Service (OES):
with the most successful car manufacturers on our books.
For automotive OE customers, our Original Equipment Service (OES) is the first point of call for all queries regarding series and post-series replacements. Alongside the supply of spare parts with original components from the PIERBURG product range, we offer a wide range of services adapted to meet the specific requirements of our customers.


Different technical requirements call for different solutions. In addition, when quantities required vary over time, this can also call for modified technical execution.

For this reason, our OES team is always on hand to offer you advice based on their extensive product know-how. For example, if it is technically possible to combine or substitute individual components so that items can be supplied more cost-effectively for both parties.

Our support applies during the development of optimum technical and economical solutions for all phases of vehicle use – from series to post-series replacements and all the way through to component supply for the classic vehicles division.


As experts in supplying OES replacement engine components, we are aware of your specific requirements and have customized our services and resources to meet your particular expectations.

In order to optimize production and delivery lots, we will offer you suggestions on how this can be done and agree on lot sizes with you. Products manufactured this way are delivered in workshop-friendly packaging.

If you need off-site storage space, we can take on the task of warehousing and offer you the appropriate storage capacity.
Technical expertise
We will support you, for example, in the specification of custom-tailored repair kits or in establishing the most suitable packaging.

We are available to offer advice in specifying disassembly states (of modules, for example) and in the technical designation of individual sales products.

If items can be technically replaced, and this would be advantageous, e.g. by reducing storage space, our OES team, on its own initiative, will offer suggestions regarding technical alternatives.
Quick and reliable

Motorservice is the logistics specialist in the spare parts business. And we know how important reliable and punctual delivery is to you.

We can guarantee excellent delivery reliability by drawing on a global logistics network.

By keeping sufficient stocks and planning manufacture appropriately we can ensure quick availability of the items you demand.


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