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Throttle Valve 7.03703.38.0/39.0

Difference: Vacuum Connection

Is the only difference between the throttle valves 7.03703.38.0 and 7.03703.39.0 in the vacuum connection? Many providers only have throttle valves with vacuum connection in their product range. Motorservice also sells throttle valves without vacuum connection. Which throttle valve loses leak-tightness faster? Find the answers here.

The two throttle valves 7.03703.38.0 and 7.03703.39.0 are identical technically. The throttle valve 7.03703.38.0 also has a vacuum connection. Competitors and vehicle manufacturers (OE) only offer the version with vacuum connection (036 133 062 L, 408-238-321-006Z). Depending on the vehicle (see table), you may have to seal the vacuum connection with an additional rubber cap and a hose clamp (only available from OE).



  • no sealing of the vacuum connection required
  • no potential leakage
  • no additional components need to be purchased from OE


Please note the exact distinction according to chassis number, engine ID code and model year.

The throttle valves must be “taught in” after installation. Always observe the instructions given by the vehicle manufacturer.

Pierburg no.: 7.037303.38.0

Suitable for:

Seat Leon/Toledo II 1.4
Škoda Octavia I 1.4
Volkswagen New Beetle/Bora/Golf IV/Golf V 1.4

Replacement for: 7.03703.01.0

Ref. no.*: 036 133 062 L; 408-238-321-006Z

Pierburg no.: 7.037303.39.0

Suitable for:

Audi A2 1.4
Seat Cordoba 1.2/1.4; Ibiza IV 1.2; Ibiza III/IV 1.4, Inca 1.4
Škoda Fabia I 1.2/1.4
Volkswagen Polo 1.2/1.4, Caddy II 1.4, Lupo 1.4

Replacement for: 7.03703.09.0

Ref. no.*: 036 133 062 B; 036 133 062 N; 408-238-321-007Z