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Measurement bridge for engine repair

Measurement of protrusion amount of pistons, cylinder liners and valves

Our measurement bridge is a little helper to make your everyday work in the repair shop easier. It measures the piston and cylinder liner protrusion quickly and effectively.
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When reconditioning and assembling engines, some important amounts of protrusion on components must be adjusted, if necessary. Especially when assembling pistons, cylinder liners and valves, the protrusion/clearance must be adjusted or reworked if necessary.

If the measurements and the necessary corrections are not made, serious engine damage may occur due to missing free space.
Piston fractures, liner flange fractures, loose cylinder liners, leaking cylinder head gaskets, loose prechamber inserts and broken valves are just some of the possible consequences.

By means of the depicted measurement bridge, all necessary clearances can be determined quickly and easily. The measurement bridge is suitable for petrol and diesel engines. It is an indispensable tool for the passenger cars, utility vehicles, veteran cars and tuning.

Product properties
  • Measurement bridge made of anodised aluminium for dial gauges with 8 mm diameter
    (screw clamping).
  • Support points, 3-way adjustable, rust-free
  • Inner spacing: 94/134/174 mm
Scope of supply
  • Measurement bridge (without dial gauge) in transparent plastic pull-out box
  • Weight: approx. 250 g
  • Tool dimensions (L x W x H): 230 mm x 33 mm x 30 mm
Reference no.
  • Measurement bridge: 50 009 914
  • Dial gauge: 50 009 884

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