Our products in 3D

Our 3D videos give you a detailed insight into the design and principle of operation of our products.

Pierburg EGR cooler

Exhaust gas recirculation alone is no longer sufficient to comply with current and future emissions limit values – the recirculated exhaust gases must also be cooled.
Pierburg produces a range of EGR coolers, tailored exactly to suit the relevant vehicle application.
The animation shows the design and features of the compact Pierburg aluminium EGR cooler module with integrated EGR valve and bypass flap.

Kolbenschmidt pistons and components

Ever increasing power density, reduced emissions, low noise and low fuel and oil consumption are the main requirements for an engine. Our animated film shows how the working environment and design of the piston have changed in light of these requirements.

BF crankcase

As the housing for the drive mechanism and cooling jacket, the crankcase forms the central component of the engine. Under the BF brand, Motorservice offers new crankcases for fairly prices repairs.
The film shows which details must be taken into account during manufacturing and machining.

BF Crankshaft

A crankshaft must be able to accommodate the force generated by the engine without being permanently deformed. It must also be elastic to resist vibrations and load changes. The film shows the immense amount of know-how required during the manufacturing process.

Pierburg air mass sensor

For effective and low-emission combustion in the engine, the air flowing in must be recorded exactly. The air mass sensor takes on this task. Its signal is used to calculate the injected fuel quantity, and, in diesel engines, also for regulating the exhaust gas recirculation.
Modern air mass sensors are based on the hot-film sensor principle. The animation shows the design and functional principle.

Pierburg variable oil pump

On modern passenger cars, regulated oil pumps are used to enable demand-based and fuel-saving oil flow to the engine lubricating points. The animation shows the principle of operation of the variable oil pump from Pierburg, that adapts its delivery rate automatically to the oil requirements (via the delivery pressure).

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