Mounting position of the air dryer for brake systems

Air dryers for brake systems

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How does an air dryer for brake systems work? Why is a working air dryer for brake systems so important for the compressed air system in vehicles? What are the potential hazards if the air dryer for brake systems is broken? Where is the air dryer for brake systems located? This article gives you the answers.

Basic information

The air dryer for brake systems provides a special kind of filtration. It is used, above all, in the compressed air supply system of medium and heavy utility vehicles. Because compressed air is used to provide the energy for numerous control and regulating processes in modern vehicles, the air dryer for brake systems is classed as a safety component on the vehicle.


The compressed air required for braking is generated by the compressor, which is driven by the engine. The compressed air then flows from the compressor to the single-chamber air dryer for brake systems with pressure regulator. Here, the compressed air is dried by specially developed granulate, and the integrated pressure regulator limits the pressure in the brake system to a set value.

Next, the compressed air enters a compressed air tank, which is equipped with a condensate sensor and a safety valve for monitoring the air drying process.

Mounting position of the air dryer for brake systems

Consequential damage

If water and oil enter the reservoirs and thus the brake system, the consequences will be dangerous and costly damage: The moisture damages the valves, causes corrosion in the pipes and receptacles, and at sub-zero temperatures the complete system may freeze. The oil impairs the function of the valves and thus causes the brake response to deteriorate. This causes an increased load on the brake pads and they wear faster.

In order to prevent this potential damage and costs, the use of a Kolbenschmidt air dryer for brake systems is highly recommended. The durability of the individual components is improved, and the vehicle downtime is reduced.


The air dryer for brake systems should therefore be exchanged regularly as well!

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