Fig. 1: Piston pin with DLC coating

Piston pin with DLC coating

New technology decreases friction and wear

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The components are constantly being optimised to be able to produce engines with less power loss. Coating procedures, such as DLC coating on the piston pin, make it possible to drastically reduce friction and wear levels.  Less friction results in lower fuel consumption. And this in turn ultimately reduces pollutant emissions.


The DLC coating of the piston pins used in the series is now also used for pistons in
the Motorservice product range.

The DLC coating is regarded as an innovative coating procedure in engine manufacturing.
DLC (= Diamond Like Carbon) layer can significantly increase the performance and durability of tribologically stressed components with its wear and friction-reducing properties.

For pistons and connecting rods, by using piston pins with DLC coating, bearing bushes are no longer needed. Furthermore, problematic tribological pairing can be realised, where both interacting sliding parts are made of steel. This is already successfully applied for steel pistons or bushless sinter rods.


Fig. 1: Piston pin with DLC coating
DLC coatings are characterised by an extremely hard surface, which is markedly harder than that of ultra hard steels. Furthermore, DLC coatings are very elastic and can reversibly absorb deforming stresses. The layer thickness is up to 2 μm with an extremely low sliding friction coefficient of 0.1. The maximum value permissible component temperature is approx. 450 °C.


Fig. 2: Surface topography of a DLC coating (schematic diagram)
The DLC coating is applied with a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition process) procedure. In engine manufacturing, the PVD process has been used for more than 20 years for coating sputter bearings.

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