Vacuum pumps:

Damage due to lack of lubricating oil

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How can malfunctions in the vacuum system be detected? What can happen if a vacuum pump is broken? And what do you need to remember when replacing a vacuum pump? What happens to the vacuum pump if it is not supplied with sufficient lubricating oil? This video article gives you the answers.

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An inadequate oil supply is one of the most common causes of malfunctions with vacuum pumps. Modern vacuum pumps need 30 to 60 litres of lubricating oil per hour to function properly. If the oil supply is not adequate, this can lead to leakages in the pump. As a result, the maximum vacuum may not be achieved or building up the required pressure may take longer. 


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Lubricating oil is often supplied through ducts in the cylinder head or the camshaft. These ducts can get clogged by dirt, which means that the vacuum pump is no longer supplied with sufficient oil - which can cause it to wear more quickly. Before replacing a vacuum pump, always check whether the lubricating oil ducts are clear. 

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Vacuum pumps: Damage from lack of lubricating oil

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