Mounting instructions for filter replacement

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Does the filter also need to be replaced when performing an oil change? How do you replace the filter? What do you need to look out for during filter replacement? Should the filter gaskets be coated with engine oil or lubricating grease? What is the purpose of a gear oil filter? This article provides important information.

No oil change without filter replacement: With each oil change, the oil filter must always be replaced.

  • Drain the engine oil with the engine at operating temperature so that the oil pan is emptied completely and as many foreign bodies as possible are washed out.
  • Use special spanners as releasing tools.
  • Completely remove all fragments of gaskets from the engine‘s mounting face and carefully clean the mounting faces.
  • Thoroughly clean the filter housings of filter cartridges.
  • Always use new gaskets which are included in the scope of supply. If the old gasket is re-used, proper sealing cannot be ensured.
  • Spread engine oil onto the gaskets. Never use lubricating grease for this. Components in the grease can attack the O-rings in the filter.
  • Do not twist the filter when putting it onto the thread.
  • Check that all gaskets are correctly fitted before tightening.
  • Only screw the filters manually, do not use tools.
  • Check the oil level.
  • Start the engine and check the circuit for leaks during idling.
The gear oil filter is responsible for preventing foreign bodies from entering the automatic transmission unit.

Special oils for automatic transmission units must satisfy additional requirements to oils for manual gearboxes. As well as lubricating tooth surfaces, planet gears and the bearing sliding surfaces, the oil is also used for operating brake bands and clutches. The transmission of torque from the pump to the turbine impeller is also a task of the transmission oil.

Through the optimal filtration of wearinducing substances, such as metal swarf caused by abrasion, the transmission filter extends the service life of the transmission and improves performance.

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