Fuel delivery modules

Complete replacement or spare parts kit?

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What is the best course of action if the engine pump stops working: Replacing the whole fuel module or just the diesel or petrol pump in the module? What is better, using a spare parts kit or replacing the whole module?

In the event that the fuel delivery module fails, the cause often lies within the fuel pump itself. Attachments such as the fluid-level sensor, flange cover or swirl pot are usually not affected.
Motorservice therefore offers spare parts kits for a range of vehicles. The spare parts kits present an opportunity to perform repairs in a way which reflects the vehicle's current value and is environmentally sound.
A spare parts kit contains the right fuel pump in OE quality, in addition to the required attachments, such as hose clamps, pieces of tubing etc.
Motorservice offers special tools in order to make the replacement process simpler and more efficient.
Alongside these spare parts kits, Motorservice is continuing to expand the product range of complete fuel delivery modules even further.
Simple replacement.
The replacement is explained in detail in the assembly instructions included with the spare parts kits.
If required, the necessary auxiliaries are included with the spare parts kits.