Electric fuel pumps – blocked prefilter

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Is the electric fuel pump making loud noises? Can the fuel pump’s separator be replaced? What causes pumps to run dry? Find out here.

Most electric fuel pumps are flushed through with fuel, which cools and lubricates them. If constrictions or clogging are present on the intake side, dry running may occur. This can damage the pump system. 

Many in-line pumps have a separator installed on the intake side. This provides protection against impurities. If it becomes clogged due to excess dirt in the fuel, this can also cause the pump to run dry. This will become clear due to loud noises or the pump warming up, and can then lead to overheating damage, which can in turn lead to reduced performance of the engine, or cause it to fail.

The separator is not available as a spare part and must therefore be cleaned. When carrying out this process, the established protective measures for working with fuel systems must be observed. 


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Electric fuel pumps – blocked prefilter

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