Engine bearings

Making sure everything runs smoothly

With their optimum sliding materials and perfect geometry, Kolbenschmidt engine bearings ensure less friction and more dynamics. In addition to a large range of standard and large sizes, Motorservice offers particular special solutions for repair.


Engine bearings

Engine bearings are an important component for combustion engines. Due to the complex requirements and high loads facing the bearing points of moving engine parts, materials that have been meticulously adapted for the specific application need to be used.


Thrust washers

In conjunction with half shell bearings, thrust washers replace flanged bearing halves in the engine. Engine cases are specifically configured to accommodate thrust washers. Rotation must be prevented, and reliable guidance along the outside diameter of the thrust washers must be guaranteed.


Flanged bearings

Flanged bearing halves (also known as collar bearing shells) are responsible for axially guiding the crankshaft.

"Installed" flanged bearings consist of half-shells and thrust washers. Normal flanged bearing halves are manufactured from one piece.


Sputter bearings

Engine bearings with a sputtered sliding layer are used in all modern diesel engines in which conventional dual or three-component bearings reach the limits of their stress-bearing capabilities due to the high engine performance.


Connecting rod bering bushes

Bearing bushes for connecting rods are semi-finished; in other words, they have to be machined to the required nominal dimension after being pressed into the connecting rods.


Kolbenschmidt engine bearings are available in a wide range of oversizes. This is frequently the last opportunity to perform professional engine reconditioning work.

Motorservice has a wide European and Asian product range for more than 50,000 engine types.

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