Piston rings

Less friction for more efficient engines

Piston rings from Kolbenschmidt excel through their excellent friction values, durability and low oil consumption. Piston rings which are optimised for replacement ensure that repairs are long lasting with optimal results.


Piston rings

We generally differentiate between compression rings and oil control rings. The key task for both ring types is to mutually seal off the combustion chamber and crankcase.

Main tasks:

  • Sealing against combustion gases
  • Heat dissipation
  • Scrape off and spread oil

Inertia and gas loads, as well as high temperatures, place high technical demands on piston rings. Optimum durability and compliance with emissions regulations are only achieved by tailoring piston rings precisely to the particular engine.


Motorservice supplies a customer-oriented, comprehensive product range with over 1,100 different ring sets for more than 8,000 applications.

Molybdenum coatings

Molybdenum-coated piston rings offer maximum temperature resistance with excellent emergency running properties.


Chromium coatings

Chromium-plated piston ring sliding surfaces reduce the wear on the interacting sliding parts and increase durability.


Ceramic chromium and diamond-coated coatings

These coatings consist of a chromium layer with a network of cracks, into which firmly anchored hard materials – ceramic or micro-diamonds – are embedded.


Further information

Class acc. to ISO 6621-3 Average E-M (N/mm²) Break resistant E-M (N/mm²) Hardness
12 100.000 350 95 HRB
22 115.000 450 106 HRB
23 115.000 450 400 HV5
24 115.000 500 108 HRB
53 160.000 1.300 95 HRB
55 160.000 1.300 95 HRB
61 200.000 - 33-44 HRC