Oil supply

Perfected oil supply

Oil pumps deliver oil from the oil pan through the oil filter and oil cooler to the lubricating points of the engine. This ensures that engine parts are supplied with a sufficient quantity of lubricating oil.

Rheinmetall is the OE supplier for all reputable engine manufacturers of the automotive and light utility vehicle industry, has numerous patents for oil pumps and  produces tens of millions of oil pumps worldwide each year. Based on this know-how, Motorservice offers a wide product range for over 3,000 engine applications from the  renowned Kolbenschmidt, Pierburg and BF brands. Benefit from this experience at a fair price/performance ratio.


Unregulated Oil pumps

Oil pumps ensure that engine parts are supplied with a sufficient quantity of lubricating oil. For sufficient cooling and lubrication, the total oil volume must be pumped 4 to 6 times per minute through the engine.

Moreover, the oil pump design must ensure that the lubricating points are supplied with fresh oil as fast as possible after cold starting, and the flow rate is always adequate even at low engine speeds.


Variable Oil pumps

To reduce CO2 emissions, Pierburg has developed variable oil pumps. With oil-hydraulic tasks, which are in part new, such as hydraulic valve clearance and camshaft compensation, piston cooling and many more, modern engines in the lower engine speed range require disproportionately large oil volumetric flows.

The delivery rate of the variable oil pumps can be adapted flexibly to the required oil volumetric flow, depending on the temperature, speed and load state of the engine. They help to deliver the oil when required, and thus save fuel.


Tandem pumps vacuum/oil

In tandem pumps, supply pumps for different media are combined on a common axle. While the single-vane vacuum pump generates the vacuum for the brake booster, the connected oil pump takes over either the function of the main oil pump or draws in excess oil from the cylinder head as an oil suction pump.


The quality of an oil pump in terms of design and workmanship contributes significantly to a long and efficient engine life. Don't take any chances and choose one of the renowned pumps from the Pierburg or BF brands.