Fuel Supply

An extensive product range in tried-and-tested quality

From fuel pumps, pump modules, sender units, system-pressure regulators and non-return valves to regeneration valves and ACF valves – Motorservice offers a wide range of components that are indispensable in the fuel system – in tried-and-tested Pierburg quality.


Fuel delivery modules

Fuel delivery modules are located in the fuel tank. They consist of the flange cover, the fuel pump in the swirl pot and other possible attachments such as a sender unit or pressure regulator.

In addition to complete fuel delivery modules, Motorservice also has attachments such as sender units, gaskets and service-friendly repair kits in the product range.


High-pressure fuel pumps

Mechanical high-pressure fuel pumps provide the required high injection pressure of approx. 120 to 250 bar in the fuel rail. They work according to the piston pump principle and are driven by a tappet from the camshaft.

The performance of a high-pressure pump is designed to supply more fuel than the engine requires at any time and in any operating state.

The fuel pump in the tank supplies the fuel in the low-pressure system to the high-pressure pump. The fuel pressure in the low-pressure system is between 0.5 and 5 bar during normal operation.


Electric fuel pumps

Electric fuel pumps deliver the fuel to the injection valves with a defined pressure. They are available both for specific vehicles and for universal use in various pressure and output levels. Inline fuel pumps are situated in the fuel line. In-tank fuel pumps are installed in the fuel tank.

Motorservice is a leading supplier of electric fuel pumps in the aftermarket.


Mechanical fuel pumps

Classic mechanical fuel pumps are often installed in older vehicles. They are driven directly by the engine by means of tappets or levers. Motorservice has included various types for use in older vehicles in its product range.

For FSI, TFSI and TSI engines from VAG, mechanical high-pressure pumps ensure the necessary injection pressure of approx. 120 to 200 bar. Tandem pumps fulfil the function of a mechanical vacuum pump and are also used for the fuel feed.


Fuel pump control units

The control unit is a part of the demand based fuel supply in modern engines. This means that, in contrast to unregulated fuel supply, only the required amount of fuel is supplied. This reduces power consumption and saves fuel. In each case, the characteristic curve is specific to the vehicle engine and model.

With our range of 19 control units in OE quality, you can achieve market coverage of over 10 million vehicles.


Fuel pressure regulators

Fuel pressure regulators are used in petrol engines with fuel injection. They maintain the fuel at the constant pressure necessary for the injection nozzles.


Fuel check valves

Fuel check valves are installed in fuel lines. They allow fuel to flow in one direction only and prevent the fuel tank from draining or lines from running dry. Motorservice offers fuel check valves with connection diameters of 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm.