Timing chain kits

Precision and stability, for reliability and power

In around a third of all passenger car engines, the camshafts are powered by timing chains. Malfunctions to the engine’s primary drive normally result in expensive repairs, which is why it is worth opting for quality products.


Timing chain kits

During reconditioning and scheduled servicing of the chain drive, all components affected by wear and the associated gaskets should always be replaced. The kits are put together for specific engines.



Normally made of sintered metal or precision punched metal to save weight. Often have special fittings and grooves for mounting in the correct position.


Tensioner blades, sliding and guide rails

Made of aluminium and plastic. They tension and guide the chains. They usually have special sliding surfaces to reduce noise and friction.


Chain tensioners

Mechanically and hydraulically dampened designs. Their main tasks are: Maintaining the chain tension at all times, compensating for chain wear and the vibrations in the primary drive.


Camshaft adjusters

Capable of twisting the camshaft and thus adjusting the opening times of the valves to the engine operating mode.



Types of chain

Bush and roller chains

Single or multiple row. Roller chains have an additional roller on each bush to reduce friction.


Sprocket chains

Individual shackles with teeth pointing inwards for the gear wheels. The chain has no openings on the outside.