02/11/2022 | Press release

Oil coolers for the aftermarket

MS Motorservice International GmbH has expanded its product range with 37 new oil coolers for passenger cars and utility vehicles. They are available as an engine oil cooler and as a transmission oil cooler. The new products open up global market potential of over 150 million vehicles for repair shops – with plans to continuously expand the range of products.

For passenger cars, the spare parts specialist is supplying oil coolers from the Pierburg brand. Under the BF brand, they are also adding to the international spare parts dealer’s existing range for utility vehicles. Meeting the company’s usual high standards, they all provide impressive OE quality. The scope of supply also includes matching gaskets.

Oil cooler function
Engine parts subject to high stresses, such as the pistons, use engine oil not only for lubrication and as a sealant, but also for cooling. The oil circulates through a closed circuit from the oil pan to the oil pump and on to the moving parts of the engine, before returning to the oil pan. An oil cooler integrated into the oil circuit provides additional cooling.

Nowadays, many oil coolers have a plate-based structure, with several plates lying on top of one another and forming separate channels. These channels alternate between ones filled with oil and ones filled with coolant agent. To improve the heat transfer, the channels may have structures to increase the surface area.

About Motorservice
The Motorservice Group is the sales organisation for the global aftermarket activities of Rheinmetall. It is a leading supplier of engine components for the independent aftermarket. With the premium brands Kolbenschmidt, Pierburg, TRW Engine Components and the BF brand, Motorservice offers its trade and repair shop customers a wide and comprehensive range of top-quality products.

In addition to its core business, the spare parts specialist is responsible for sales and distribution of products for personal health protection, Pedelec systems and digital services within the Rheinmetall Group. Motorservice customers benefit from the combined technical know-how of a global technology company.