12/10/2022 | Press release

Motorservice with solutions for e-mobility

With the transition in the world of mobility, the automotive aftermarket is also changing. Conventional repairs still dominate daily work in repair shops. However, the proportion of electric cars is rapidly on the rise. Motorservice has made sure to respond to this development in good time and adapt its training programme accordingly. Experts in spare parts, our product portfolio has also been supplemented with numerous components for electric vehicles. Our parent company, Rheinmetall, is also consistently implementing its electric mobility strategy and offers a wealth of promising solutions for the aftermarket.

Appropriate training
Last year, many EU markets recorded three-digit growth in battery-powered vehicles. This trend is expected to continue in the following years, which poses new challenges for repair shops in terms of training, qualifications, tools and equipment. In addition, special regulations apply when working on electric vehicles due to the increased risk of accidents. For example, all work on high-voltage vehicles is strictly prohibited unless the corresponding additional qualification has been completed. For this reason, we have included the topic of handling electric cars in our existing training courses. As part of the training, owners, experts and mechanics from repair shops and engine reconditioners, and service and technical-oriented sales staff learn which safety systems are used in the vehicle, how these can be identified and which measures have to be taken in individual cases, in addition to legal aspects. Due to the increased risk, there is always a focus on personal safety throughout the training. As the need for training is so high, Motorservice will soon be expanding its range of courses on the topic of electric mobility. These training courses are currently being prepared. As early as 2023, they will be added to the current training programme and will focus exclusively on the new technology.

Customised product portfolio
Motorservice can also offer new solutions in terms of products: The first components for electric vehicles are already available in the aftermarket. As a subsidiary of the technology group Rheinmetall, the spare parts specialist benefits from the immense know-how of the group and their numerous new developments in the field of e-mobility. As the sales organisation for Rheinmetall's aftermarket activities, Motorservice sources a large part of its range from within the Rheinmetall Group, including its subsidiaries Kolbenschmidt and Pierburg. In addition to electric water pumps, electric control valves, solenoid valves and electric coolant and vacuum pumps, various cabin filters are also available in the portfolio for electric vehicles.

Promising opportunities ahead
Rheinmetall's new developments are certainly something to be excited about. The technology group is seeing large orders with tight schedules in the field of electric mobility. It has recently entered into contracts for chassis parts for electric SUVs, crankcases for a well-known American manufacturer of electric vehicles and battery carriers for a premium German car manufacturer. The company is also able to impress when it comes to safety thanks to itshigh-voltage pyrofuse system, which ensures safe operation of battery-electric vehicles (BEV), plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV). The system disconnects the battery or the DC charger in case of emergencysuch as accident, crash or short circuit, reducing possible dangers and risks for passengers and rescueteams. It has an ultra-fast response time of less than a millisecond and cuts offthe power supply immediately.

With its strong service ethos and international sales structure, alongside its direct access to the major international automotive supplier's immense expertise, innovation and high quality standards, Motorservice can offer its partners high-quality solutions for the challenges that come with changing mobility and its influence on the automotive aftermarket.