11/12/2023 | Press release

Motorservice's excellent data quality recognised by inclusion in TecDoc

MS Motorservice International GmbH was honoured by TecAlliance in November 2023 by inclusion in the TecDoc catalogue as an acknowledgement of the company's high data quality. The spare parts specialist meets the stringent criteria for all of its brands – which corresponds to approximately 34,000 item records. The company has received the gold status of "Premier Data Supplier (PDS)" for two of its brands and the silver status of "Certified Data Supplier (CDS)" for the remaining four brands. The intention is to receive the highest certification level for all brands in 2024.

The TecDoc catalogue is the world's leading spare parts catalogue for the automotive aftermarket. Dealers and workshops use the catalogue to order their spare parts, using the product data provided by the manufacturers to make their purchasing decisions. It is important for them to be able to compare the relevant products quickly and reliably and to be able to rely on the accuracy of the product features. All of this is only possible if the data in the catalogue is optimally maintained. TecAlliance has therefore introduced corresponding certifications to ensure data quality.

Transparency and comparability
With the conclusion of the current certification round at the end of November, Motorservice became a "Certified Data Supplier (CDS)" for products from its Kolbenschmidt, Pierburg, BF and TRW Engine Components brands, thereby attesting to the fact that the company largely already fulfils the data maintenance requirements imposed by the TecDoc catalogue. The Turbo by Intec and Reman by Intec brands have achieved "Premier Data Supplier (PDS)" status, the highest standard that can be achieved. The intention is to achieve this standard for all of the brands by mid-2024. To do so, Motorservice must meet all criteria including even more stringent content-related requirements without exception. "With more than ten million records, this involves an extraordinary amount of effort for us, but this is a service that we definitely want to offer to our customers – after all, you need correct information to make good decisions", emphasises Peter Schulz, Senior Manager Data Management at Motorservice. This includes data content such as item attributes, OE references, media assets, item links and much more.

About the TecDoc catalogue
The TecDoc catalogue is the world's leading catalogue for the aftermarket with more than 220,000 vehicle types, 10.5 million pieces of item data, more than 1000 brands and over 500 million links. It was developed by TecAlliance. The CDS and PDS certification rounds are held quarterly. The achieved certifications have to be verified on an ongoing basis.