Cylinder heads

Completed to meet requirements

Motorservice boasts an extensive product portfolio of cylinder heads for passenger cars and utility vehicles. The cylinder heads are also available with pre-assembled valves and valve-springs according to requirements and for ease of repair.


Water-cooled individual cylinder heads

Individual cylinder heads are increasingly being used for utility vehicle engines. In combustion engines, the cylinder head represents the end of the combustion chamber above the pistons. Modern engines are water-cooled with just a few exceptions. A mixture of water and a frost and anti-corrosion agent usually acts as a cooling liquid.


Air-cooled individual cylinder heads

Air-cooled engines are cooled directly by the air streaming past. To increase the surface giving off heat, cylinders and cylinder heads in air-cooled engines have cooling fins.


Multiple cylinder heads

Multiple cylinder heads are predominantly used in passenger cars and in newer utility vehicle engines. V engines with multiple cylinder heads have one cylinder head for each cylinder line. On engines with multiple cylinder heads, the camshafts are often located in the cylinder head. Due to their design, these engines are always water-cooled.


Motorservice boasts an extensive product portfolio of cylinder heads for over 650 engine applications and over 1,250 vehicle applications.

In order to meet all repair requirements, the cylinder heads are available with:

  • Seating rings and valve guides
  • Mounted valves and valve-springs
  • Mounted camshafts (ready to install)