Information on use

Repair kit for fuel lines

If the fuel line is leaking: How do you repair the fuel line? Where do I get an SAE plug?
You can find help with a rusted through petrol line here.

Using the repair kit, item 4.07373.10.0, smaller defective spots on fuel lines can be repaired quickly and efficiently:

  • Rusted-through areas, e.g. on steel tubes
  • Embrittled areas on plastic tubes
  • Kinked plastic tubes
  • Broken plugs, e.g. from disassembly during filter replacement
  • Suitable for steel or plastic tubes with an outside diameter of 8 or 10 mm
  • Junctions of the different materials are possible (plastic tube – steel tube; rubber hose – steel tube; plastic tube – rubber hose)


Scope of supply:
The most common connections for fuel filters, fuel pump connectors and fuel pumps.

Operating pressure:
Max. 5 bar absolute

Refill packs:
Individual parts from the repair kit can also be purchased as refill packs (see rear).


Due to the use of pipe connections or sleeves, the flow cross section may be reduced and therefore the flow rate may be decreased at the repaired area.

Please observe the safety regulations for handling fuels when using the repair kit.