Information on diagnostics

Mercedes-Benz W211 variable intake manifold

Fracture on cam control mechanism

Lack of power, the malfunction indicator lamp lights up, are the flaps also not working?  The cause is not the intake manifold, but rather the cam control mechanism could be broke. You can read about how this happens here.

Product: Variable intake manifold

Suitable for Mercedes-Benz: C, CLC, CLK, CLS, E, ML, R, S, SL, SLK, Sprinter, Viano

Pierburg no.: 7.00246.33.0

Replacement for: A 272 140 21 01, A 272 140 22 01, A 272 140 24 01*: 7.00246.26.0 … .29.0


  • Lack of power
  • Valves not working
  • Cam control mechanism broken
  • Malfunction indicator lamp lights up

The cause of the damage is not the intake manifold but a leaky line in the engine ventilation system. The line in the engine ventilation system runs above the cam control mechanism on the intake manifold. The line originally fitted in the engine ventilation system can start to leak with age or load. If oil leaks out here and drips onto the cam control mechanism, its plastic material can become porous and break.

  • If oil leaks out, the plastic line must be replaced immediately with an aluminium line.
  • If the cam control mechanism is already damaged, the intake manifold should be replaced.