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Fuel delivery modules (2)

Incorrect tank indication due to fitting error

The tank indicator is incorrect or doesn't move? Was the pump module installed incorrectly? And why are there markings on the tank and on the cover?

Potential complaints:
• Tank indicator shows incorrect values
• Tank indicator remains stuck at a certain value

The shape of modern fuel tanks is optimised to make the most use of the available design space (Fig. 1).

In order to fulfi l legal requirements for tank leak-tightness, more and more components, such as pressure regulators, are now located in the fuel tank itself (Fig. 2).

If the fuel delivery module is incorrectly installed in the fuel tank, the fl uid level sensor may get caught on these installed components (Fig. 3).

Consequence: the tank indicator remains constant despite the decreasing fuel level.

Markings are present on the tank and on the flange cover in many cases to ensure that the sender unit is in the correct position after installation. During installation, always fit fuel delivery modules so that these markings are opposite each other or align (Fig. 5).

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