Engine bearings

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Engine bearings

Plain bearing halves

Plain bearing halves are used both as conrod and main bearings. They consist of thin-walled composite bearing halves.

Dual-material bearings

Dual-material bearings have a steel back plated with the bearing metal, which is mostly aluminium with added tin and copper.

Three-material bearings

In three-material bearings, the bearing metal (bronze alloy) is cast or sintered
onto the steel back.

Plain bearings with a sputtered sliding layer

Plain bearings with a sputtered sliding layer are used in all modern diesel engines in which conventional dual or threematerial bearings reach the limits of their stress-bearing capabilities due to the high engine power.

Plain bearing halves without locating lugs

Plain bearing halves without locating lugs facilitate mechanical assembly of engines at the manufacturer's. The locating lugs are not needed in order for the bearing to function correctly.

Bearing bushes for conrods

Bearing bushes for conrods are semifinished; in other words, they have to be
machined to the required nominal dimension after being pressed into the

Bearing types

1. Camshaft bearing

2. Rocker arm bush

3. Conrod bush

4. Main bearing

5. Thurst  washer

6. Flanged bearing

7. Conrod bearing