View of the interior of a damaged regulating throttle

Regulating throttle: Damage caused by corrosion

on Boxer, Daily, Ducato and Jumper

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Boxer, Daily, Ducato, Jumper:
Throttle valve with rust or water on the plug?  Regulating throttle 7523D not longer available?
We have a solution.

Vehicles: Citroën, Fiat, Iveco, Peugeot Fiat/Iveco: Daily IV C15/C18/S18 Ducat
Potential complaints:
  • Limp home function
  • Regulating throttle does not work
  • P0638 "Throttle valve control – circuit broken"
On the vehicles listed above, water or moisture may infiltrate through the coupling of the connecting cable. This moisture may cause severe damage in the interior of the regulating throttle, leading to eventual failure.
Regulating throttle (highlighted in red) in the engine compartment of an Iveco Daily 3.0 l
View of the interior of a damaged regulating throttle
Check whether there are visible traces of corrosion or moisture on the built-in plug of the regulating throttle or on the cable coupling. If this is the case, replace the regulating throttle and cable.

From the start of series production, a regulating throttle with the reference number 7523D has been installed in the vehicles mentioned. During series production (from 2009), this regulating throttle was replaced by a Pierburg regulating throttle.

The regulating throttle 7523D installed until 2009 can be replaced by the Pierburg regulating throttle 7.01754.10.0 using the adapter cable 4.07360.49.0. The adapter cable is sealed to protect against moisture.
Coupling with traces of moisture and corrosion
Built-in plug with traces of corrosion

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