Pressure-filling the engine with oil after reconditioning work

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Why should you carry out pressure oil filling before the initial start-up of repaired engines? How do you carry out pressure oil filling? Which access points should be used for oil filling?  Why should you remove the oil pan and cylinder head covers when pressure-filling the reconditioned engine with oil? You can find the answers in this video. 

After an engine is completely reconditioned, no more oil will be present in the oil circuit. However, when the engine first starts, all bearing positions must be supplied with oil as quickly as possible. For this reason, the engine’s oil channels, the oil filter and the oil cooler need to be bled and filled with oil in advance. After a few rotations, this will ensure sufficient lubrication of the bearing positions and prevent damage. 


Pressure oil filling
An oil filling device with a pressure reservoir can be used to ensure correct filling. To do this, fill the receptacle with the oil prescribed by the manufacturer, close the stop cock, and establish a pressure of approx. 2.5 bar, either using a hand pump or a connected compressed-air device.

Suitable connection points for pressure-filling are the oil channel plugs or the connecting point of the oil pressure switch OPS. Use a connection that is positioned in front of the oil filter, if possible. Then, the oil should be pressed into the engine’s oil supply line, under constant pressure, if possible. 

Attention: the level of oil in the receptacle must not fall below the minimum level. This is because the process must be repeated if air is sucked in.

Tip: we recommend pressure-filling the engine without the oil pan or cylinder head covers. This enables you to see which bearing positions the oil has already reached. The oil is pumped into the engine until it comes out at the oil lubricating points furthest away from the oil pump. The initial start-up should take place as soon as possible after closing the oil circuit.

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Pressure-filling the engine with oil after reconditioning work

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