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Matching to the engine controller is required

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Information on diagnostics

Is the electric EGR valve not working after installation? Is the electric EGR valve not recognized by the engine control unit? Does it have to be taught in first? You will find the information here.

Vehicle Product Pierburg No.
various VW, Seat, Škoda, Audi Electric EGR valve

7.22574.11.0/.12.0; 7.28070.02.0/.03.0;
7.22785.11.0 ... .14.0/.16.0 ... .18.0/.20.0

After the installation of a new electric EGR valve, the following complaints may be received:

  • New part without function
  • New part is not detected by the engine controller

In connection with this, the following EOBD error codes can occur (manufacturer specific error codes in brackets):

  • P0400 (16784) Exhaust Gas Recirculation – Flow Malfunction
  • P0401 (16785) Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) – Flow Insufficient
  • P0402 (16786) Exhaust Gas Recirculation – Flow Excessive Detected
  • P0404 (16787) Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) – Open Position Performance
Different electric EGR valves | Pierburg | Motorservice
Different electric EGR valves

Generally, the EGR valve will not have developed a fault!                                                                  

Modern engine controllers are equipped with “adaptive memory modules”, i.e. the mapping data necessary for operation must first be “learned”. The electric EGR valve must be adapted to the engine controller! This is done by selecting a special programme of the engine tester (“default setting”, for example). More information on this is provided in the manual for your engine tester.


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