Cylinder liner

Durability for thousands of kilometres

Our comprehensive product range includes wet and dry cylinder liners and air cooled cylinders, as well as cylinders for compressors. The supplied gasket assortments for wet cylinder liners complete the scope of supply.


Wet cylinder liners

Wet cylinder liners are chiefly used in utility vehicles and large industrial engines. They are used in the engine block together with sealing rings and have a wall thickness of 7 to 15 mm. Coolant agent from the engine flows directly around them.

The sealing rings and tombak shims are included in the scope of supply for the cylinder liners.


Dry cylinder liners

In passenger cars and smaller utility vehicle engines, dry cylinder liners are used wherever the material of the engine block does not satisfy the tribological requirements.

Dry cylinder liners are only a few millimetres thick, and are pressed directly into the engine cylinder (press-fit) or pushed in (slip-fit).


Air cooled cylinders

Air cooled cylinders are primarily used in simpler, air-cooled engine designs without a coolant circuit. The air cooled cylinder sits on the engine block and is cooled by the head wind.


Oversized cylinder liners

Oversized cylinder liners offer further repair possibilities for passenger car and utility vehicle engines that have seen better days. 

Oversized liners are differentiated by the flange diameter (C), flange height (H) and/or the outside diameter (A).


Cylinder liner castings

Castings made from lamellar grey cast iron and ALUSIL® further extend the product range. They allow engine reconditioners to produce cylinder liners with special dimensions themselves to suit particular requirements.


Motorservice boasts an extensive product range with over 400 cylinder liners – for more than 2,000 engine and vehicle applications.

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