Electric Valves

Small components with a big impact

Electric valves are important components for switching and controlling as well as for implementing comfort and safety functions. They are used for the purposes of operating pneumatic actuators or for switching between two or more states.

Valves offer great potential for the independent spare parts trade, since they can be monitored by the OBD system either directly or indirectly. If these valves fail, replacement is essential. Trust the OE quality of Pierburg, the market leader with an OE production of over 125,000 valves a day and more than 350 valves in series production.


Pressure transducer

For continuous control of pneumatic EGR valves, VTG turbochargers and bypass EGR cooler switching.


Switchover valve

Switchover valves are used wherever a simple open-close function of the pneumatic actuators is needed, for e.g. for controlling boost pressure valves (wastegate), secondary air valves, intake manifold flaps and bypass flaps on EGR coolers.


Activated carbon filter valve (ACF Valves)

ACF valves are important components in the fuel tank ventilation system as well as the fuel tank leakage diagnosis.

The fuel tank ventilation system stops fuel vapours containing harmful hydrocarbons from escaping into the atmosphere. It also provides air to the fuel tank, for example if a vacuum forms in the tank when fuel levels fall or the ambient temperature is low.


Recirculating air valve

The recirculating air valve for boost pressure control prevents the turbocharger from slowing down unnecessarily when the throttle valve closes suddenly. This reduces the turbo lag effect significantly.


Control valves and central magnets for camshaft adjustment

Depending on the engine speed, the control valves guide the oil flow through various oil channels to the respective chambers in the hydraulic camshaft adjuster. As a result, the camshaft is turned relative to the camshaft gear and the control times are altered. This improves operating behaviour under full load and part load, and reduces fuel consumption.


Vehicle and valve manufacturers sometimes use different designations for these components. Here is a selection of alternative designations for the respective names:

  • Pressure transducer: Electropneumatic pressure transducers (EPW), electric pressure transducer
  • Switchover valve: Electric switchover valve (EUV), solenoid valve boost pressure limitation N75 (VW), solenoid switchover valve (VW), electric valve (BMW)
  • Electric pressure transducer: Pressure transducer, valve (VW), electric valve (BMW), EDW, DW

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