28/11/2023 | Press release

Three new water pumps for all Tesla models

Motorservice brings three new electric water pumps suitable for all Tesla models onto the aftermarket. The pumps have enormous sales potential due to their high degree of compatibility. With these new product additions, Motorservice is significantly expanding its portfolio of spare parts for battery-electric vehicles.

Huge sales potential
Pierburg's three new coolant pumps are designed to be capable of replacing all current coolant pumps in Tesla vehicles: A total of 14 different pumps are currently used in the 3, S, X and Y models. Up to five electric coolant pumps are installed in earlier Tesla vehicles, depending on the model and equipment. They are responsible, in separate cooling circuits, for cooling the electric motors and components such as battery and power electronics. The two Pierburg articles 7.07223.08.0 and 7.07223.09.0 replace them.

Tesla's more recent vehicles each use two pumps in one distribution tank ("Super Manifold"), which, in combination with a complex coolant control valve ("Octovalve"), forms a fully fledged heat pump. Both electric coolant pumps can be replaced with the Pierburg pump 7.07224.01.0. All in all, the three pumps from Pierburg offer a replacement solution for around 11.5 million pumps currently installed in approx. 4.5 million Teslas. 

Clever installation solution
The high degree of compatibility is possible thanks to the all-purpose brackets included in the scope of delivery. The brackets have several recesses with a clear marking denoting the direction of installation. By combining the bulge on the pump with the appropriate recess on the bracket, all installation situations can be easily achieved. Mounting instructions with detailed installation information are included with all three pumps.

About Motorservice
The Motorservice Group is the sales organisation for Rheinmetall's worldwide aftermarket activities. It is a leading supplier of engine components to the free market in spare parts. With its premium brands Kolbenschmidt, Pierburg, TRW Engine Components as well as the brands BF and Turbo by Intec, Motorservice offers its retail and workshop customers a wide and in-depth range of top-quality products.


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