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For the good of all engines we commit ourselves to doing our best every day. For perfect products and perfect service!
Welcome to MS Motorservice Asia Pacific, a leading supplier of engine components for the aftermarket in China and all over Southeast-Asia. This claim has its foundation in the premium brands Kolbenschmidt, Pierburg, TRW Engine Components and BF – and a willingness to be of service that sets standards in the market. For us, the human element is the most important of all, and this is what makes working together with our team so unique.

We offer a comprehensive product range of renowned premium brands combined with high quality standards and technical support – all of a single source. MS Motorservice Asia Pacific is a subsidiary of MS Motorservice International GmbH (Neuenstadt, Germany). The Motorservice Group is the sales organisation for the worldwide aftermarket activities of Rheinmetall.

Room 302, Building E,

No. 699 ShenGui Road

Minhang District

201106 Shanghai


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No. 699. ShenGui Road, Minhang District

Room 302, Building E

201106 Shanghai


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